Custom Backing Tracks

    We make the most spectacular custom backing tracks. Since the year 1997 our production team is creating the best music .

    Our custom backing tracks sound brilliant and powerful because we make them from scratch recording instrument by instrument. We use to improve the original reference to achieve the best quality in replication matters. Feel free to listen to our demos

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    We do songs with and without Backing vocals
    all our backing tracks have Proper ending
    You’ll get Professional sound
    We can do the karaoke version
    We can remove any instrument from the mixing

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    Custom Backing Tracks in mp3 and wave format

    Why our custom backing tracks are ranked among the best? it’s very simple, because we have years of experience in music recording. We are musicians and programmers with more than 20 years in the business. The biggest karaoke companies use our music, our vocals, our karaoke videos for their productions and stuff. In about 15 years we’ve made more than 20.000 backing tracks. If you want to listen to them you can visit our online store by doing  click here.


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    Our recording equipment

    As I told you before our custom backing tracks are recorded with real instruments, real guitars, bass, piano, etc. We have more than 25 different different guitars to chose from. Our music do not sound cheesy like those organ midi files but our music sound brilliant and powerful!

    custom backing tracks


    More services

    We’re not only recording backing tracks but also professional arrangements for singers and songwriters. We realize the full orchestration of a song from scratch, creating the instrumentation as required by the author or client.

    If you’re a composer guess what! We can record your album from scratch, it will sound like a professional production, with your own style! Write us now! 

    If you send us the original recording we will return a fully orchestrated and ringing with the highest standards of record market today song.


    Custom backing tracks – What’s that?

    They are exact copies of the songs you like to sing, for example. If you have the dream of singing”A kiss from a rose from seal”  at your best friend’s weeding,  but can not find a musical track that has the quality to shine on stage, you can use our services. We can do any song from scratch, recording instrument by instrument for you to enjoy and singing throughout the song. This is called as a custom song or custom backing tracks. If you want to have a karaoke version of a song please write us.

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    custom backing tracks